Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Major new prize announced for 2018 ST Trophy

As part of the continued year on year improvement in the development of the ST Trophy, the organising team is pleased to announce the top prize for the 2018 winner – and there will be more prizes announced in the near future.

The 2018 ST Trophy series winner will win a subsidized season in the 2019 BTRDA R2 Cup, using the Castrol R2 Fiesta.  This new championship is expected to be very competitive, providing a great cost- effective platform for an ST driver to step up to, in the higher spec R2 car. Tim Kirvan-Rodgers commented: “Stepping up to an R2 car is a natural progression for our ST Competitiors, however the cost to take that step is quite a big jump and not within everyone’s budget."

"We as organisers pride ourselves in trying to help our competitors’ progress, so we are pleased to be able to offer the use of the Castrol R2 car as a prize for the full 2019 BTRDA season in the R2 cup. The winning crew will have to pay the running costs of the car but it still makes it a very cost effective way to progress within in the sport”.

In addition to the use of the R2, we have an excellent tyre package on offer, Castrol will be providing oil prize’s throughout the year with Mintex continuing to provide brake pads prizes on each round.

The ST Trophy has seen incredibly close competition since it was first launched two years ago, with some great talent coming through the ranks.  It is hoped this will continue into 2018, with the added incentive of some great prizes on offer to the competitors.

Further deals are to be announced shortly, with the primary aim of keeping the costs of running the car as low as possible for the competitors.